12 Beautiful Wheelchair Accessible Trails in Utah

I’ve wanted to put a list of wheelchair accessible trails up on the site for quite some time. Hopefully, this list will come in handy for those that would like to hit the trails, but have a permanent or temporary physical disability (or just for those needing a stroller friendly trail).

I did a lot of research and asked some blogger friends to help me round up this list. If you have any to add, then please do so in the comments!

1. Silver Lake Loop Boardwalk: A beautiful loop trail up Big Cottonwood Canyon. This trail circles a picturesque lake that is surrounded by mountain views.  It is a popular short trail that would be easy for those in a wheelchair to enjoy. The parking is right next to it, and the boardwalk is in good condition (it also briefly winds through the evergreens, which is a nice change). Learn more about this trail here.

2. Bridal Veil Falls: Did you know the tallest waterfall in Utah is wheelchair accessible?! This waterfall is located along the upper Provo River Parkway (up Provo Canyon). Park the car at Bridal Veil’s Adventure Park or Nunns Park to reach this waterfall easily. (The waterfall is a short stroll up the Provo Parkway from either of those parking areas.) For a slightly longer adventure, you could start up at Vivian Park and work your way down the canyon towards the waterfall. For more info on this trail go here.

3. Provo River Parkway to Utah Lake: In the fall especially, the last portion of the Provo River Parkway to Utah Lake is absolutely stunning (I like starting at the Paul Ream Wilderness Park). The Parkway winds next to the river in a hallway of tall, beautiful trees. Through occasional breaks in the trees, you will see lush farmland and beautiful views of Mount Timponogos in the distance. (You might even see a few horses out grazing in the fields.) Finally, the trail ends at Utah Lake State Park where you can catch the sun setting behind the distant mountain peaks. For more info on the Provo River Parkway, go here.

4. Ogden River Parkway: The Ogden River Parkway is an awesome trail that passes the Dinosaur Park, playgrounds, the Ogden Botanical Gardens, a water park, kayak park and more! Enjoy crossing pretty wooden bridges over the Weber River! For more info on the Ogden River Parkway go here.

5. Riverside Walk in Zion: Zion seems to be a great place to find gorgeous wheelchair accessible trails in Utah! I have hiked this trail and it is one of my all time favorites! The Zion website lists this trail as acccessible, but also notes that the trail varies a bit. This would be no problem if the person in the wheelchair had a friend to help push them. For more info on the Riverside Walk trail go here.

6. Pa’rus Trail in Zion: This trail is popular with bicyclists in Zion, but would also be suitable for those in a wheelchair! You will cross the water over beautiful bridges, see wildflowers and probably spot wildlife along this trail. This is one of the most accessible trails in Zion! And as we know…anything in Zion is gorgeous! For more info on this trail go here.

7. Lower Emerald Pools in Zion: Emphasis on the Lower Emerald Pools. A wheelchair would not be able to get farther than the lower pools. This trail is one of the most popular in Zion and even making it to just the lower pools would be worth your time! Do note it can get sandy, crowded, narrow and a bit steep in some parts, so assistance is recommended! For more info on this trail go here.

8. Sunrise and Sunset Point Trail in Bryce Canyon: This is a paved trail between sunrise and sunset point in Bryce Canyon National Park. This trail is mostly flat and would doable for those in a wheelchair. (If you don’t have the luxury of going down to Bryce Canyon, then try the ‘Devil’s Kitchen’ trail on the Nebo Scenic Loop! This is a very short trail, but would also be accessible via a wheelchair.) For more info on this trail go here.

9. Murdock Canal Trail: This trail is pretty expansive and has multiple access points in different cities. You can access this trail from Lehi, Highland, American Fork, Pleasant Grove, Lindon or Orem. For more info on this trail go here and here.

Photo Credit to The Salt Project

10. Kay’s Creek Trail: A short easy trail located near Layton Utah! This trail takes you to Hobbs ponds. There is lots to see on this trail including wildlife!  For more info on this trail go here.

11. Lagoon Trail: Yep! This trail is located in Farmington and goes by Lagoon Theme Park. I’m told this trail is very pleasant and one of the best neighborhood trails around. Find more trail details by clicking here.

12. Temple Quarry Trail: If you want a trail with some history, try the Temple Quarry Trail near Salt Lake City! The Mormon settlers used the granite from this trail to build the Salt Lake City Temple – you can still see the chisel holes! For more info on this trail click here.

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