The 6 Best Toddler-Friendly Hikes in Utah

Hiking with a toddler is a whole new ball game, especially if you have a two year old! Toddlers are in that magic stage where they want to experience everything on their own two feet, which can be a bit tiresome on a long hike (or dangerous where cliff edges are concerned).

After my experience hiking with my toddler and nieces/nephews, I quickly re-evaluated what I thought were kid friendly hikes. There is a big difference between hiking with a baby, toddler or a 7-year-old kid!

So for you parents of toddlers, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best toddler-friendly hikes in Utah. These hikes are short engaging trails that will make sure your little ones (and you) have a good time.

1. Rocky Mouth Waterfall: Rocky Mouth Waterfall is a very short and sweet hike to a nice sized waterfall. Kids can get right under the falls or play in the shallow pools just below the falls. You will have to walk through a neighborhood to reach the trailhead of this hike, but it quickly becomes a true outdoor adventure Also, keep your eye out for the two tiny caves the kids will have fun crawling in. Note that this trail is short but follows a steady incline the whole way. Be prepared to take your time with the littles. To learn more about Rocky Mouth Waterfall click here.

2. Big Springs Hollow: The Big Spring Hollow trail near Provo offers scenic mountain views, aspen forests and lots of wooden bridges crossing babbling brooks. Probably my favorite toddler-friendly hike other than Grotto Falls (see next on list). Your toddler will love investigating this trail (and you will love not worrying about cliff edges). This trail is located up the South Fork branch off of Provo Canyon. For more tail info go here.

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