Fifth Water Hot Springs Trail

The Fifth Water trail leads to natural hot springs in the middle of Diamond Fork canyon! This place is a little heaven on earth where natural hot spring pools are fed by a beautiful waterfall. This hike needs to be on your bucket list!

Overview: This hike is just long enough to discourage too many hikers, but short enough to take kids or hiking newbies on. You can see in the photos some of the age ranges that complete this hike. The hot springs smell like sulphur, but it is crystal clear and beautiful! (You should also smell the hot springs before you arrive, which is kinda fun!) Be warned that some areas are cold, some are super hot and the pools are just right!

This trail also comes with a warning about skinny dippers…you only need to worry about this if you are going in the evening or winter months. So instead of being frustrated by the other people on the trail, just be glad the groups will discourage birthday suit celebrations.

The trail is not bad at all (no switchbacks and a decent amount of shade). It is a bit longer than your average family trail, but like I said even kids can make it there while wearing swim suits.

We like this trail so much we make sure to repeat it almost every year! However, if the hike seems a bit long for your family or out-of-state guests, then consider checking out Crystal Hot Springs, home to the highest mineral content spring in the WORLD.


    • Hike this in the springtime to avoid the crowds! We went early April and it was perfect weather! The hike is good all year long though (some people snowshoe this hike).
    • You can also climb inside a little cave under the waterfall that has a warm spring coming up.
  • Pack water shoes on this hike so you can explore the hot springs without worrying about the rocks!

Trail Details:

Length: 4.2 miles round trip

Difficulty: Easy to moderate.

Dog-Friendly: Yes.

Location: This area is located up Diamond Fork Canyon southeast of Spanish Fork. To get there, take I-15 Exit 257B onto US 6 – East. Follow US 6 – East for 10.8 miles. At this point, you will see the turnoff for the ‘Diamond CG’ road on your left. Follow the road for 9.8 miles to your destination, on your right.

Trailhead GPS Coordinates: (N) 40.084307, (W) -111.354818

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