Big Springs Hollow Trail

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The Big Spring Hollow trail near Provo offers scenic mountain views, aspen forests and lots of wooden bridges crossing babbling brooks. In short, I loved it.

This trail is pretty level the whole way to the “hollow” part, but if you go past that, the trail turns into the steeper Cascade Saddle trail. (Zach plans on trail running to Cascade Saddle once the snow clears, so keep your eye out for that post in a few weeks.) There is also plenty of shade on this trail and little areas for the kids to get their feet wet by wading into the streams.

This was the perfect trail from my little toddler to try out her little hiking legs. I never though I would be one of those parents to put heir kid on a leash…until I was! It was nice for Riley to have both hands free to explore the streams, rocks and flowers (rather than holding my hand). 

I’ve seen some people advertise this trail as a loop, but I couldn’t find the branch off (I think it is past the hollow). Just going to the hollow it is just over a mile round trip. I hear the loop is about 4 miles round trip. I’m going back to see if I can find it (there is some kind of construction or water retention project up there so maybe that is why it was so allusive). 

This trailhead has lots of parking (an upper and lower parking lot) and the upper lot (right next to the trailhead) wasn’t even half full on the Saturday morning that we went.


  • This trail is popular with the mountain bikers and they are more silent than you would expect. Make sure to keep your eye out for them when hiking.
  • The trail tends to branch off a lot, just stick to the narrow hiking trail rather than the jeep road. It is prettier. 
  • This trail has little side trails you can take to get closer to the water. There were several spots I could see kids enjoying on a hot summer day for wading and splashing around. So bring the water shoes! 
  • The Big Springs Park next to the trailhead has lots of day use picnic areas, but no overnight camping is allowed. However, I did see a few camping spots along the very first part of the trail (not technically in the park, I guess). 
  • The spring has been capped as part of some water-redirection effort, and is no longer a destination on this trail.

Trail Details: 

Length: 1.2 miles round trip

Difficulty: Easy

Dog Friendly: Yes (Leashed)

Season: May to October

Trailhead: Big Springs Hollow Upper Parking Lot

GPS Coordinates: 

Trailhead: 40.3327, -111.52521

Hollow: 40.32476, -111.53204

bigspringshollowtrailI could also see this trail being lovely for some stargazing or full moon hikes. Has anyone else tried that?