5 Beautiful Dog Friendly Trails in Utah

To celebrate our new “dog friendly” tab on the site, we’ve rounded up 5 of our favorite dog friendly hikes in Utah!

Disclaimer: I do not have a dog. Zach, sadly, is allergic. This list is based less on what a dog would love (I have no idea) and more on beautiful hikes the owners will love that happen to be dog friendly too! Does that make sense? Ok let’s get to it!

stewart-falls1. Stewart Falls: Stewart Falls is the trail we choose when we have visiting family or friends that we want to impress. I’m assuming it will also impress you and your canine pal. This trail winds through a lovely aspen forest and ends in a 200 ft waterfall This trail is about 3.5 miles round trip with a good amount of shade for your furry friend. (This trail is popular, so if your dog isn’t good with strangers…this may not be the right trail for you.) For more info click here. 

Adam's Waterfall trail up Adam's canyon is one of the most beautiful trails in Utah! It is family friendly AND dog friendly! This hike has lots of shade, a waterfall and moderately rugged terrain!2. Adams Canyon: I love this hike because it has my three favorite things: a waterfall, lots of shade and moderately rugged terrain. The only downfall for your canine friend might be the switchbacks at the beginning or one tricky steep part I remember seeing some dogs struggling to pass. However, I’ve seen plenty of dogs on this trail, so it is doable. This trail is located near Layton and is about 3.7 miles round trip. This is another popular trail so make sure your dog is ok with strangers before hiking. For more info click here. 

IMG_28743. Big Springs Hollow: Is your dog kinda lazy or new to hiking? Then you will want to check out the Big Springs Hollow trail for sure. I love this trail for its babbling brooks, scenic mountain views and aspen forests. This trail is a little over one mile round trip, but you can keep going past the hollow up to Cascade Saddle. Warning: This trail runs along the water, so your dog may be tempted to wade into it on a hot day! Plan accordingly. For more info go here. 

Hike to a natural hot spring with a gushing waterfall! This Utah trail should be on every Utah family's bucket list!
4. Fifth Water Hot Springs:
 This has to be one of my favorite waterfalls located near Spanish Fork. This place is a little heaven on earth where natural hot spring pools are fed by a beautiful waterfall. (Your dog will probably love soaking in the hot springs as much as you will.) The trail is not bad at all (no switchbacks and a decent amount of shade). It is a bit longer than your average family trail at 4.2 miles round trip, so make sure your dog is a seasoned hiker. For more info go here. 

IMG_43545. Timp Falls: I like Timp Falls because it is a lot less crowded than Stewart Falls and a mile shorter. However, the trail does follow a narrow path that steadily climbs the whole way: you are trading length for steepness. It’s totally worth it, though, because this cascading waterfall is beautiful. For more info go here. 

Bonus: I hear Wheeler Canyon is also a sweet trail located near Ogden. I’ve got this one on my bucket list for this summer and it also just so happens to be dog friendly. If you are in that area, you may want to check it out here. 



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And as a thank you for this lovely list, can I make one request? If your dog does his business on the trail, please PLEASE remove it. My toddler is a very curious little person….I’m begging you. 

5 Beautiful Dog Friendly Trails in Utah!

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