3 Spring Waterfalls Ready to Hike Now!

I had to put sunscreen on yesterday! Sunscreen! The forecast is showing 80 degree temperatures, so I wanted to let you know which hikes (specifically waterfall hikes) are ready to hike now!
Spring is the best time to hike waterfalls in Utah (they tend to pitter out in the summer) and the weather is just too perfect to pass up! So without further ado, here are 3 northern Utah waterfalls ready to hike now:

Battle Creek falls is kid friendly waterfall hike located right next to Springville UT

1. Battle Creek Falls: This family friendly (and dog friendly) hike is located next to Springville, UT. I just hiked this on April 19th and it was beautiful. The trail is about one mile round trip. For more info click here. 

Hike to a natural hot spring with a gushing waterfall! This Utah trail should be on every Utah family's bucket list!2. Fifth Water Hot Springs & Waterfall: This waterfall is featured on our “5 Most Unique Waterfalls in Utah” and it is ready to hike now! This 4.2 mile (round trip) trail is located near Spanish Fork and it is dog friendly. You have got to check it out in spring – that is the best time to go! For more info click here. 

Rocky Mouth Waterfall is the perfect hike for toddlers or young children.3. Rocky Mouth Waterfall: Are you in Salt Lake and itching to hit the trails? Rocky Mouth waterfall is a family friendly trail to a lovely waterfall and it is also open to hike now! The trail is a steady incline the whole way, but it is barely over half a mile round trip. It is the perfect quick getaway near the city on these gorgeous spring days! For more info click here. 

Wanderookie Tip: How do you know if a trail is ready to hike? I like to search the hashtag for the hike or trail on Instagram. That way I can see recent photos from people that have been on the trail (or see that no one has been hiking the trail yet). This is a good tip if you want to know if the trail is clear of snow, if the trees are green yet, if the lake has dried up etc. And just FYI, I give most of my tips on Instagram @wanderookie so follow us there! Happy Hiking! 

Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments! 

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