5 Magical Southern Utah Swimming Holes

I can’t think of a better place to jump in a swimming hole than the middle of a desert! Here are 5 southern Utah swimming holes that will help you beat the heat! 

Commit to Leave No Trace: Some of these locations are real gems and deserve protection. If you are grateful for this list and would like posts like this in the future, then please leave no trace when you go. It is a tricky balance telling people about these places and protecting them from vandalism (trash or graffiti) – we try to strike a good balance here by encouraging you to be extra mindful. Carry out all your trash and report vandalism to the local park ranger office. Take a picture of the vandals if possible. Thank you for your help protecting our public lands! 

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The Red Cliffs Utah campgrounds is home to natural water slides and swimming holes, dinosaur tracks, Native American archeological sites and more!1.Red Reef Natural Waterslides: Red Cliffs Recreation Area looks like a barren dry desert, but it hides a secret little trail known as Red Reef. This trail leads up the canyon to natural swimming holes and water-slides. Red Cliffs also happens to be a sweet campsite (first come first serve) that also has a dinosaur tracks trail! To learn more about the best time to visit go here. 

Photo Credit to Joe's Guide to Zion National Park
Photo Credit to Joe’s Guide to Zion National Park

2. Lower Pine Creek Falls:  This is another fun swimming hole located in Zion National Park area. Several short hikes lead to secret swimming holes with little waterfalls. If you want a break from the crowds visit Lower Pine Creek, but if you want easy accessibility you might prefer the Virgin River. For more info on Lower Pine Creek swimming hole go here.


3. Virgin River in Zion National Park:
The Virgin River runs right through Zion National Park and there are several little swimming holes you can find. This river is a great spot for swimming because you are surrounded by the beauty of Zion and it is easily accessible! To find a good spot along the river do a little searching around the South Campground or near the bridges on the Pau’rus Trail. You can also find some good spots along the Riverside Walk trail. There are plenty of little sandy beaches for the little ones (if you got’em) to make sand castles too. We’ve got info on the Pau’rus trail here. 

Photo Credit to
Photo Credit to St George News

4. Toquerville Falls: Toquerville Falls is a swimming hole located about 30 minutes outside of Zion National Park. This magical swimming hole has multiple waterfalls that feed into it and it is the perfect spot to be on a hot summer day. The locals are a bit disappointed that this swimming hole is gaining popularity, so please be respectful if you visit and leave no trace! To find out more click here. 

Photo Credit to the Outbound
Photo Credit to the Outbound

5. Power Dam: Power Dam is swimming hole located in the Moab area. You will need to hike about 1.5 miles up the canyon to reach this spot, but imagine how refreshing it will be when you get finally get there! Pair this swimming hole with a visit to Moab and Canyonlands and you’ve got a sweet weekend getaway! For more info go here. 

Calf Creek Falls hike in Escalante is quite possibly the most impressive waterfall in Utah. If you are near Bryce or Escalante, you need to do this hike!Bonus 1: Technically you can swim at the bottom of Calf Creek Falls too (shown above). Zach has done this, but it was freezing cold even after a long hike through the desert! Still…if you are feeling brave…click here for info on Calf Creek Falls. 

Photo credit to Utah's Adventure Family
Photo credit to Utah’s Adventure Family

Bonus 2: You should also check out Sand Hollow State Park! They have a cool cascade that feeds into a reservoir with red sand beaches (shown above). Our friends have more info on that place here. 

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