5 Northern Utah Swimming Holes For Your Bucket List

These 5 northern Utah swimming holes need to go on your summer bucket list ASAP! Want a swimming hole with a waterfall? How about one inside a crater? How about a swimming hole surrounded by mountain scenery? Then keep reading…

Commit to Leave No Trace: Some of these locations are real gems and deserve protection. If you are grateful for this list and would like posts like this in the future, then please leave no trace when you go. It is a tricky balance telling people about these places and protecting them from vandalism (trash or graffiti) – we try to strike a good balance here by encouraging you to be extra mindful. Carry out all your trash and report vandalism to the local park ranger office. Take a picture of the vandals if possible. Thank you for your help protecting our public lands! 

(BTW we also have 5 Magical Southern Utah Swimming Holes here!)

Hike to a natural hot spring with a gushing waterfall! This Utah trail should be on every Utah family's bucket list!
1. Fifth Water Hot Springs:
Hike to natural hot springs in the middle of Diamond Fork canyon! This place is a little heaven on earth where natural hot spring pools are fed by a beautiful waterfall. The hot springs smell like sulphur, but the water is crystal clear! (You should also smell the hot springs before you arrive, which is kinda fun!) Did I mention the waterfall has a little cave under it with a natural hot spring inside? Find out more here. 

Photo credit to The Sliva Family blog http://amylouwalton.blogspot.com/2011_06_01_archive.html
Photo credit to The Sliva Family blog http://amylouwalton.blogspot.com/2011_06_01_archive.html

2. Mona Rope Swings: The Mona Rope Swings are a blast and are located about 30 minutes south of Provo at the Mona Ponds. These ponds aren’t fancy, but the rope swings sure are fun! They have multiple platforms you can use to swing out to the water (as well as some well placed trees). There is even a small rope swing for younger kids to try out (or those a little wary of heights). Find out more here. 

Photo credit to The Trek Planner http://thetrekplanner.com/meadow-hot-springs-utah/
Photo credit to The Trek Planner http://thetrekplanner.com/meadow-hot-springs-utah/

3. Meadow Hot Springs: This beautiful hot spring is located on private property, but the owner graciously allows the public to enjoy it (please keep it clean so he continues to do so). This hot spring is actually very deep and it is not uncommon to see scuba divers here. The springs are located a short drive from I-15, making this an easy and must-see detour if you are headed south! Find out more here. 

Photo Credit to Homestead Resort
Photo Credit to Homestead Resort

4. Homestead Crater: An all natural geothermal pool…in a crater! How cool is that?! This water is a toasty 96 degrees – and like Meadow Hot Springs – it is popular among scuba divers. Unfortunately, this gem is located at the Midway Utah Resort so you will have to pay an entrance fee of $16 to soak in the pool. Get out your wallet and add it to your bucket list! Find out more here. 

indian bathtubs 2
Photo credit to The Trek Planner http://thetrekplanner.com/davis-creek-waterfalls/

5. Indian Baths: Another one that I have on my own bucket list for this summer! The 2 foot deep pool is located at the bottom of a little cascade along the Davis Creek Trail. You have to use some ropes and do some scrambling to reach this area so I wouldn’t recommend it for really young kids. The trail also has a little waterfall you can hike to either before or after you visit the Indian Baths. PLEASE leave no trace when you visit. And if you see vandalism take a picture of the perpetrators and report them! Let’s keep these beautiful places pristine for everyone to enjoy! For more info on this trail click here.

Photo credit Crystal Hot Springs

Bonus: Crystal Hot Springs: Want to skip the hike, but still get the mountain scenery while soaking in the highest mineral content pools in the WORLD? Then check out Crystal Hot Springs and Campground in Honeyville Utah. This place has gone through some recent upgrades that make it a must-do for Utah families. Link here. 


Think we missed one? Let us know in the comments! Remember this is the Northern Utah list! 🙂

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