Pa’rus Trail Zion

Overview: The Pa’rus trail is a paved, family friendly trail in Zion National Park. This trail actually has some of the iconic views of the Virgin River with the red cliffs of Zion as a backdrop (the ones you typically see on Pinterest). If you plan on biking in Zion, bringing a stroller, or wheelchair then this is a good trail for you. I would also recommend this trail to those wanting a nice stargazing trail in Zion. (I haven’t done this trail at night yet, but it is on my bucket list!) 


  •  Avoid this trail in the heat of mid-day and opt instead for doing it at the end of your day or in the morning.
  • Camping at Watchman’s Campground or South Campground?  Save this trail for a little stargazing stroll with your special someone during a new moon.
  • Limited on time? Cut this trail in half by using the Zion shuttle. Start at the South Campground and go up to the Canyon Junction shuttle stop and ride the shuttle back down.
  • Bike this trail for a new way to experience Zion National Park.

Trail Details: 

Length: 1.7 miles one way

Difficulty: Easy family friendly stroll in Zion that is paved

Trailhead: Bottom up: Start at Zion Visitor Center/South Campground and hike to Canyon Junction shuttle stop. From here you could catch the shuttle back down or just turn around and walk back. 

Dog Friendly: Yes

Season: All year

Still have questions? Want to share your own experience on the Pa’rus trail? Let us know in the comments below! 




  1. […] This is the one trail that we didn’t have time to do while we were in Zion. It is a paved trail that runs between Shuttle Stop 3 and the South Campground, and is about 1.5 miles long between those stops. Many people have mentioned that they use this trail to access the Virgin River for summertime splashing or wading! The nice thing is you can walk one way, and ride the shuttle the other way! For more info, check out this post on Wanderookie. […]

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