Bridal Veil Falls Utah

Bridal Veil Falls is the tallest waterfall in the state! At Bridal Veils you can grill, camp, hike, bike, feed fish or splash around the bottom of the falls! Whether you are looking for a quick morning activity to get the family out or an all day adventure – Bridal Veils is The perfect place!

Overview: Those of us that live close to this gorgeous waterfall know we are extremely lucky (despite the crowds on the weekends). I visit these falls often. My favorite way to view these falls is at the upper view point (located along the highway just past the Bridal Veils Park and Nunns Park turnoffs). The viewpoint is usually a lot less crowded and you can see the complete falls (perfect for photos or a quick romantic outing with carry-out Chinese food).

Definitely go down to the Bridal Veils Adventure Park too, so you can walk right up to the waterfall (if this parking lot is full then park a little farther down the road or at Nunns Park).

If you are feeling up to it, there is also a short switch back trail that will take you right under the largest cascade. (This trail is located a little left of the falls and is easy to spot.)


  • If you plan on bringing the kids pack water shoes (it is pretty rocky at the base of the falls) ,please do not let them climb up too high on the falls (use the safer hiking trail if they want to get up higher). Bring some quarters for fish pellets if you have toddlers that would get a kick out of feeding the fish.
  • If your main purpose is take photos go to the upper viewpoint turnout for the best angle on the full falls. 
  • Make a day of it and pack a picnic lunch. There are plenty of available picnic table at Bridal Veil’s Adventure Park. 
  • Make a weekend of it and camp nearby at Nunn’s Campground (a good spot to test your toddler’s camping tolerance for the first time). This place is within easy walking distance to the falls. It is also equipped with a playground and bathrooms. The campsite is located next to the road, but that is the trade off for a quick getaway located right next to Bridal Veil Falls. For more info on this campsite click here. 


Location/Trailhead: Bridal Veil Falls is located up Provo Canyon right off the road. You will see a sign that says Bridal Veils Adventure Park (this is where you turn if you want to walk right up to the falls to splash in the bottom or hike). The viewpoint (mentioned in the post above) is located just a little farther up the road and you will see a sign for the Bridal Veil Falls Scenic Viewpoint.

Season: You can drive by these falls all year, but the Bridal Veil’s Adventure Park does close for the winter snow. The viewpoint is also gated off in snow conditions because they don’t plow the parking area. Visit Bridal Veils in the Spring, Summer or Fall. 

Dog-friendly: Yes

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Bridal Veil Falls is a quick and impressive getaway located up Provo Canyon. This is the tallest waterfall in Utah (year round)! You can picnic, hike, camp,  bike or just let the kids splash around in the base of the falls!

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