Bell’s Canyon Waterfall

Bell’s Canyon Waterfall is a popular hike near Salt Lake City that leads to a reservoir and a waterfall. It can be kid friendly depending on where you want to go.

Overview: This trail can be kid friendly if you just hike to the reservoir, but I would not recommend hiking to the falls with kids. Hike to the waterfall if you are up for a challenge! The falls are beautiful and the trail winds up into the Lone Peak Wilderness area.

I like this hike because it leads to both a pretty reservoir and a waterfall. If you don’t feel up for a hike to the falls (or have young kids) the reservoir is a shorter alternative. It only takes about a 1/2 mile to reach the reservoir.

A lot of people say this hike is overly crowded, but I went in the middle of the day on Saturday and had no problems with parking. I also didn’t think it was as crowded as Stewart Falls is on a Saturday.  (BTW, if you like waterfalls you should hike Stewart Falls too.)


  • The last third of the trail to the waterfall is very steep and rocky. This is considered a moderate to strenuous hike, so make sure you bring lots of water! (I did think this trail had a good amount of shade, though.)
  • The trail leading to the waterfall is not marked very well, and tends to branch off randomly. I met a couple on the trail who said they accidentally went the wrong way for a while. The trail to the waterfall is marked by a sign at the reservoir. You should pass a “Lone Peak Wilderness” sign along the trail, and if in doubt, please use the trail coordinates we have provided below. 

Trail Details:

Length: 4 miles round trip to the waterfall (only 1 mile round trip to the reservoir).

Difficulty: Moderate-Strenuous (the very beginning of the trail to the reservoir is a climb up some makeshift stairs, and the last third of the trail to the waterfall is very steep and rocky).

Dog-Friendly: No.

Location: This hike is located near Salt Lake City, and the Boulders trailhead is located at about 10245 South on Wasatch Blvd. The parking area is clearly marked. The first part of the trail should take you up past a neighborhood.

GPS Coordinates: 

  • Trailhead: 40.5653, -111.80371
  • Where you turn on the trail to reach the waterfall (this is not marked on the trail): 40.56046, -111.77059
  • Waterfall: 40.56138, -111.77055

A gorgeous Utah hike near Salt Lake City! This trail leads to a reservoir AND a waterfall! The reservoir trail is kid friendly and the waterfall trail is a bit more strenuous.

Still have questions about this trail? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to pin this to your summer bucket list! 


  1. Madi says

    I am an idiot and have no idea how to use your gps coordinates and map to help me on the the trails! You should do a post with a tutorial on how to use gps coordinates and what not!

    • wADMIN says

      Hey Madi! Haha no worries! The phones apps won’t take GPS coordinates so you have to put it in your car GPS (if you have one of those) or a hiking GPS. We are in the middle of making an app that stores all of our hikes and routes you directly to the trailhead (and does other fancy things). That won’t be done until August though… If you don’t have a car GPS or hiking GPS then have your phone take you to the correct canyon (ex: Big Cottonwood) and try to follow the written directions from there. I hope that helps!

    • Ryan says

      Google mas will accept GPS coordinates if you don’t separate the numbers with a comma.
      So putting in 40.5653 -111.80371 (with a space between the two numbers) will take you right to the trailhead.

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