Scout Falls on the Timpooneke Trail

Scout Falls is a great way to experience a portion of the beautiful Timpooneke trail without actually trekking all the way to Timp summit!

Overview: This trail is located deep within American Fork canyon, and instead of seeing views of the nearby city – you’ll see layers of majestic mountain scenery. I don’t think people realize there are cool spots like Scout Falls or Timp Falls along the longer summit trails. That means these trails are a lot less crowded than trails like Stewart Falls (especially since those hiking these summit trails normally leave in the wee hours of the morning).

Memorial Day was pretty rainy this year, and when we arrived on the trail there was a light drizzle. However, the sun soon came out, and the recent moisture added to the overall beauty of Scout Falls. We even got to see some surprise waterfalls flowing across our trail!

You are also more likely to see wildlife on this trail. While we were there we saw a deer quietly grazing in a picturesque green meadow. That’s not something you get to experience on the more-crowded trails in Utah!

It is also important to note that this area is home to multiple trailheads. You will see three main trails branching off from here, and you will want to take the middle one that goes up past the little ranger station. If you are confused just ask the posted ranger and he will point you in the right direction. 

A little way up the trail, it will fork, and you will be tempted to hop a log and take the route that looks like it leads directly to the falls. Do not do that! It is far easier and much prettier if you continue on the main trail that goes to the right and up the mountain.

You will also run into a portion of the trail (at the very end) that will require some scrambling up some tree roots. I was able to navigate this fairly easily even with a baby on my back.

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  • In my research, I read that these falls pitter-out to a trickle later in the summer. I would suggest taking this trail no later than June.
  • If you are having a hectic Saturday morning and don’t get out the door as early as you would have liked…opt for Scout Falls. There is plenty of parking right next to the trailhead, so you won’t have to fight as much for a decent parking spot!



Trail Details:

Length: 2.2 miles round-trip to/from falls (according to Google Maps), but about 3.4 miles according to Alltrails. This might depend on how close to the falls you want to get!

Difficulty: Easy.

Dog-Friendly: Yes.

Location: American Fork Canyon, UT. Note that this is an National Park Service fee area! (It is about $6 for a three day pass.) If coming from I-15, take Exit 284 and head east onto I-92. Follow I-92 for ~7.6 miles to the mouth of American Fork canyon. From the mouth of the canyon, drive 5.1 miles (past the Timpanogos Cave National Monument) to the fork of N American Fork Canyon Road and I-92. Keep right on I-92 and follow it for 3.4 miles until you come to a T between I-92 and Timpooneke Rd. Turn right onto Timpooneke Rd and follow it for 0.3 miles to the trailhead.

GPS Coordinates: (N) 40.431267, (W) -111.639144


  1. Erin says

    We hiked it today, beautiful day, beautiful falls, thanks for the guidance! We didn’t end up as close to the Falls or at the angle you did, maybe we took a wrong turn or was the scramble after the “Scout Falls” sign? Either way at the sign MapMyFitness had measured 1.5mi (no idea how Inaccurate) and we were happy with our results and ready to head back! Love your blog and plan to follow more trails! Thanks again!

    • wADMIN says

      Hey Erin! I’m glad you were able to try out this hike! In case you do it again and want to get right up next to the falls…You go past the Scout Falls sign and should follow the trail past the tree roots (they kinda act like a ladder). I included a pic in this post for reference. That part might be the scramble you mentioned? I also mention a spot in the trail where it branches off to the left and that is the wrong direction (there should have been a log blocking that path). You could still see the falls if you went that way, but not right up close like we were! Was that direction you took? Either way it is a beautiful view! Thanks for following!

    • wADMIN says

      Oh! And I noticed a discrepancy in the distance when Zach was researching it! Google Maps was showing 2.2 miles, but Alltrails was saying 3.4 miles round trip. This might vary depending on how close you get to the falls? I’m not sure! I updated the post to include both just in case this happens to someone else! Thanks for letting me know!

      • Erin says

        Thanks for the reply, good to know for someday when we go again! We did go the left way first, someone must have moved the log. It was 1.1 miles to there, so both numbers do make sense! :) Thanks again!

  2. Bradley says

    I visited yesterday with my little kids. I think we took the wrong trail that followed right next to the stream. It sort of petered out and we didn’t have enough time to circle back around to the higher trail. It was beautiful and the kids enjoyed it even though we didn’t make it to the falls. It is worth noting that there is a fee station at the mouth of the canyon. It cost $6 for a three day pass.

    • wADMIN says

      Dang! I am sorry to hear that Bradley! Could you see the falls at all? It would be easy to follow the wrong trailhead since so many trailheads start at this place. That’s why I mentioned the trail should be the one that passes the little ranger station/shed (in the middle), but I clearly need to add more detail. I will add more to the post so that doesn’t happen to anyone else! Thanks for letting us know!

    • wADMIN says

      Oh! And Zach did mention in the directions that it is a fee area, but not the price. I will add the price in for good measure. :)


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