Why the Kanarraville Falls Hike should be on your Radar


Add Kanarraville Falls hike to your next St. George adventure! These falls are located up one of the prettiest slot canyons I have ever been in, leading to multiple desert waterfalls!

Overview: Zach and I have had Kanarraville Falls on our list for quite some time and finally made it down there last weekend! The Kanarraville Falls trail is absolutely beautiful! You are hiking in desert country, but you cross the stream so much that it keeps you nice and cool! Zach and I wore our Walmart water shoes the whole way and did just fine!

The water aspect of this trail was also nice for hiking with a baby – we could keep Riley cool by wetting her feet in the stream every once in a while. (I was a little paranoid about her getting heat stroke while hiking in Southern Utah, but she did just fine.)

The trailhead to this hike is located in a tiny town called Kanarraville. And I mean tiny! The parking lot next to the trailhead charges a steep price of $10, unless you want to park down at the town hall and walk up. Having done the hike, though, I think the price is definitely worth it! (And that small town could probably use it.)

The photos of this hike really speak for themselves. This is a local favorite, and is even pretty enough to attract the attention of a few of the more savvy tourists. We met a very nice family from Germany that were hiking with a little girl the same age as Riley!

You can choose to walk in the stream or avoid it by walking on the dirt paths. You won’t be able to avoid it once you get in the canyon, though!

Add Kanarraville Falls to your next Southern Utah or St. George trip! It is a must-see hike! (And if you need a place to camp, check out the post on Red Cliffs Recreation Area! It also has some small waterfalls and swimming holes!)


  • If you plan on hiking this with very young children, you might want to stop at the first waterfall in the slot canyon. Most families feel comfortable getting to this point in the hike and turning back. If you have children that are able, then continue up the make-shift ladder at the first falls to see the additional waterfalls. It should only go another 20-30 minutes.
  • The speed limit on I-15 was recently raised to 80mph! That means it takes less time to drive down to Southern Utah for some weekend adventures! Now if they could just raise the speed limit on some of those side roads to Bryce and Escalante…
  • You will need to bring $10 cash to pay the parking fee!

Trail Details:

Length: 3.52 miles to/from second falls (many families with small kids just hike to the first falls).

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate.

Dog-Friendly: No – Kanarra Creek is a protected water supply for Kanarraville, UT.

Location: If you are headed southbound from Cedar City, take exit 51 and follow Old US 91 for 4.7 miles until you reach 100 N in Kanarraville. Turn east and follow the road until you come to the Kanarra Creek parking and trailhead ($10 parking).

If headed northbound from St. George, take exit 42 and then turn right at the ‘T.’ Follow Old US 91 for 4.6 miles until you reach 100 N in Kanarraville. Turn east and follow the road until you come to the Kanarra Creek parking and trailhead ($10 parking).