How to Find Grotto Falls Trail

If you like the idea of crossing a rushing river via narrow tree trunks and a thundering waterfall finale – this trail is for you.

Overview: Grotto Falls on the Nebo Scenic Loop is one of the more adventurous short trails we have been on. A lot of families hike this trail, but it would also be perfect for an adventurous date or youth group activity. 

When we posted ‘The 5 Most Unique Waterfalls” in Utah, we got a lot of comments that we should have included this trail. Zach and I tried to hike this trail last year, but the Nebo Scenic Loop road was closed. We finally fit it in this past week and I plan on revisiting it often!

No matter how old you are, you will get a kick out of the tree trunk bridges that criss cross back and forth across the river.

We saw a couple of other families on this trail with their dogs. I was particularly impressed with one girl who was hiking alone with three big dogs, trying to get them across the narrow bridges. I hope she drove a truck, because those dogs were wet and muddy! (Something to keep in mind if you plan on bringing your pets!)

If you want more trails like this one check out our post on Battle Creek Falls. (It might be closer to your area.)

Oh! And if you want more info on The Nebo Scenic Loop drive click here. 


  • This hike actually has two different areas to view the falls. You can see them from the bottom, but you can also see them from the top. You will have to scramble a bit to get to the top, but the bottom area doesn’t have much room for multiple families.

Trail Details:

Length: 0.52 miles round trip.

Difficulty: Easy

Dog-Friendly: Yes.

Season: Please note that the Nebo Scenic Loop road is subject to seasonal closures. If there is a chance there is still snow contact the Spanish Fork Ranger District 801-798-3571 to see if the road is open. Also, you will get more water flow in Spring vs Summer. 

Location: Travel south on 600 E in Payson until you pass the intersection of 600 E and 1200 S. From there, travel 6.56 miles up the Nebo Scenic loop rood until you reach the parking area for Grotto Falls, simply labeled ‘Grotto.’

Trailhead Coordinates: (N) 39.951443, (W) -111.675769



Have you hiked Grotto Falls before? Let other readers know what you thought in the comments!



  1. Carlos Warner says

    I just found your web page today while trying to find a quick hike to burn some time before I needed to jump on a flight to see my next customer tomorrow. Your pictures of The Grotto waterfall really enticed me. I drove down for what was to be a late afternoon hike and photo shoot, only to find the road closed at the junction of Nebo loop and FR020.
    I decided to try and hike in the last two miles as the snow was minimal, that Is until I reached the Grotto trailhead. I was so disappointed. Without snowshoes, I was going nowhere.
    Beautiful scenery, and I certainly will return when there is less snow

    • wADMIN says

      Hey Carlos! Sry for the late reply! I am really sorry that happened! I had known the Nebo Loop road was a seasonal road, but failed to mention it in this post! I have updated this post so that doesn’t happen to anyone else! Thank you for commenting! Hopefully no one else has that problem!


  1. […] 1. Grotto Falls: If you like the idea of crossing a rushing river via narrow tree trunks and a thundering waterfall finale – this trail is for you. This is my favorite family friendly trail in Utah hands down! The whole hike you have to cross these tree trunk bridges that will make you feel like Calvin and Hobbes out on one of their explorations! Some will ignore this trail because of the length, but that would be a big mistake! The Grotto is a secret gem located right next to Payson, Utah that is about one mile round trip. For more trail info click here. […]

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