Battle Creek Falls Hike

Battle Creek Falls hike near Pleasant Grove Utah is a quick hike to a decent sized waterfall. The trail follows a steady incline the whole way, but it is only about one mile round trip. 

The trail has partial shade (both from trees and the canyon walls). Unlike the *cough* Y hike… with awesome views of Utah Lake!

Battle Creek falls is kid friendly waterfall hike located right next to Springville UT

Anyone else wonder why it was named Battle Creek?! I did! Turns out Battle Creek Falls was named for a battle that was fought at the mouth of the canyon, between the Native Americans in the area and some Mormon pioneers. There is a a little plaque there about it.



Battle Creek falls is kid friendly waterfall hike located right next to Springville UT


The trail also runs next to a creek most of the way, which is nice for dogs or kids that like wading in the water to cool off.


Battle Creek falls is kid friendly waterfall hike located right next to Springville UT

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Trail Details:

Length: ~1 mile round trip

Difficulty: Easy (the trail is a steady incline the whole way with the steepest part right before you reach the falls.) 

Dog-Friendly: Yes.

Location: From Highway 89 between American Fork and Pleasant Grove, turn east onto 200 S in Pleasant Grove and follow the road until you reach the beginning of the foothills. The road will curve northwards for the past several hundred feet past water retention basins on both sides, and you are there!

Trailhead Coordinates: (N) 40.362986, (W) -111.700841


Battle Creek Falls is an awesome family friendly hike in Springville, UT!


Don’t forget to pin this to your summer bucket list! 


  1. says

    I grew up hiking this trail and you are right, this waterfall is stunning! I love it in the winter because it freezes over and creates something that looks like the frozen castle :) Last time I hiked it (a few months ago) we saw a HUGE bighorn sheep up on the mountain!

  2. Lisa says

    Took a large family group up there last summer and everyone had a great time. Most everyone got a lovely cold shower too! Taking my Cub Scouts up there this summer. So much more enjoyable hike than the Y trail.

    • wADMIN says

      Hey Lisa! I bet that was an icy shower! You sound like a fun Cub Scout leader! And I agree, the Y hike can get a bit old (unless you are running it for exercise or going all the way to the top of the mountain)! I hope you are able to find more hikes here for your Cub Scouts!

  3. Dianna says

    There is also a couple more waterfalls farther up the trail that aren’t as big if you want a longer hike.

    • wADMIN says

      Thanks Dianna!I’ve gone a little farther and seem some little cascades. I’ll have to venture further this summer.

  4. Bonnie says

    This is near Pleasant Grove, Utah, not Springville, Utah. This is can be confusing to some as these two towns are 20 minutes apart, about 17 miles apart according to google maps.

    • wADMIN says

      Correct! Sorry I didn’t realize I had typed Springville in the opening paragraph instead of Pleasant Grove. Thankfully it looks like my brain was on the right track for the directions, coordinates and map. :)

    • wADMIN says

      I’ve done it with a group of ladies with kids all those ages. We just took it slow. I kinda think the 2 year old would do better in a carrier though. :)


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