Squaw Peak aka Pride Rock

The inviting trailhead at Rock Canyon.
Right Fork Rock Canyon

Take fork leading North

Trail to Piute Dr.
View from Squaw Peak aka Pride Rock near Provo

Have you had this unconscious but ever-present call to go and run the hidden pine trails of the forest? Taste the sunsweet berries of the earth? Well…pack some fruit snacks and your running shoes, cause it’s time to follow those promptings by running up Squaw Peak (aka Pride Rock) in Provo. I might as well just call it the ‘Disney’ hike!

Overview: The trail to Squaw Peak from the Rock Canyon trailhead caters to those looking for a quick, challenging and extremely scenic run. The trail starts wide but gradually narrows as it runs 1.5 miles east up the canyon floor. Jagged cliffs rise on each side of the rocky trail which sport numerous climbing routes up the red quartzite. Keeping a good pace up the ever-rising slope will definitely keep your heart pumping.

After crossing the water chlorination shed and green entrance gate, continue your way east until you reach the first right fork. Take the trail leading north.

The trail quickly turns northwest and winds one mile up the wooded east slope. Although the trail here is more dirt than stone, be careful when moving quickly to not be tripped up by the rocks that jut out during the initial stretch.

The trail leads to a lovely series of meadows northeast of your destination. Follow the trail southwest, and ignore the cairn marking the trail forking west from the second meadow.

From here, follow the trail ~0.6 miles to the summit. Be careful and exercise severe caution when viewing your beautiful surroundings due to the sheer drop-offs on the south-face.

Break out those fruit-snacks and take in the view! It’s scenes like this that make Provo not seem so bad…

Let me know what you think! Keep an eye posted for my Buffalo Peak ‘variant’ post!


  • Since I ran this in the early spring, the higher I went, the muddier the trail became. My trekking poles were indispensable towards the last quarter of the hike, and will help you maintain a quick pace through some of the steeper, slippery patches.

Trail Details:

Length: 6.8 miles round trip

Difficulty: Moderate

Dog-Friendly: Yes.

Location: To get to the Rock Canyon Trailhead, turn east onto 2230 N and follow it through both stop-lights until it begins to bend south. Here, you will be at the northwest corner of a large playing field, and should see the Provo LDS Temple to the east.  Turn east onto N Temple Drive and follow that until it passes the temple and turns into the Rock Canyon Trailhead parking lot.

Trailhead Coordinates: (N) 40.264529, (W) -111.629792

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