The Pristine Alpine Lake No One is Telling You About

Tibble Fork Reservoir is the pristine alpine lake lake no one is telling you about! This lake has beautiful, clear, turquoise water and breathtaking mountain views.

Overview: Why have you never heard of this lake before? I think the answer is because it is advertised to fishermen more than hikers. However, we did find a Tibble Fork Trail that starts right next to the reservoir. We headed up this trail about a mile before it got too muddy to continue..because we were in sandals…I need to start keeping hiking shoes in the car for times like these!

If you don’t want to hike, Tibble Fork still has plenty of other stuff to do.

We saw people fishing, lounging on the beach, taking bridals and picnicking. There are also campgrounds near Tibble Fork to stay at or you can head up the canyon for a family bonfire nearby. (There were tons of available fire pit areas up American Fork Canyon, but not directly next to the lake.)

Tibble Fork Reservoir is located up American Fork Canyon in a fee area for Uinta National Forest. However, if you go now the fee station is closed still. I guess they don’t charge in the off season.

After visiting Tibble Fork, Zach said it was the most beautiful place in Utah (including the famous Southern Utah spots). We definitely plan on returning to Tibble Fork often.


  • The Tibble Fork Trail is normally open to horses, bikes and motorbikes, but it is currently only open to hikers! Catch this trail now to catch some beautiful mountain views completely alone and uninterrupted.


Location: This area is located up American Fork Canyon. Follow UT-92 for five miles (past the Timpanogos Cave parking area)  to a fork in the road. Take the left fork onto UT-144 and follow it for 2.5 miles. Your destination is on your right.

Dog-Friendly: Yes.

Location GPS Coordinates: (N) 40.482991, (W) -111.645060


Have you been to Tibble Fork Resevoir? What did you think of it? Let the other readers know in the comments! 



    • wADMIN says

      Thanks Amanda! That is so nice of you to say! We just got a Canon camera for the site and this was our first post using it!

    • wADMIN says

      Yep! The post mentions a trail that starts on the other side of the reservoir (next to the dam). The trail has been assigned a number by the park authorities, but most people refer to it as The Tibble Fork Loop. We went up it a mile or so before it got too muddy to continue (we want really early in the season). I bet it would be dry now though! It is a beautiful trail! Let me know if you hike it!


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