Malan’s Peak, The Middle-Earth Hike in Utah

Maylan's Peak, the Middle-Earth Hike of Utah! Who says you can't be outdoorsy AND a book nerd? Find out more on

We call Malan’s Peak the ‘Middle-Earth hike in Utah’ because of it’s abundance of tall pine trees and gorgeous mountain scenery. Tolkien fans everywhere (that can’t make it to New Zealand), need to put this hike on their summer list asap!

At the top you get this amazing view of the valley, and we spent a lot of time just sitting up there, admiring the view while eating some granola bars.

Not only is the view of the valley pretty, but if you look the opposite direction you will see some picturesque mountain meadow views.

If you do this hike, then you’ll get a great workout that will justify that LOTR marathon you’re dying to plan with your friends! (Extended edition of course.)

Trail Details:

Length: 3.5 miles round trip

Difficulty: This hike is strenuous due to some steep switch backs, but it is in no way Mount Doom.

Warg-Friendly: Yes, our canine beasts from the Misty Mountains are definitely welcome.

Location: This hike is located in Ogden, Utah. You can access this trail from the east ends of either 27th or 29th street.  

Trailhead Coordinates: (N) 41.210740, (W) -111.931962

Updated photos of this hike are coming this summer!