Stewart Falls Trail

Stewart Falls trail is our go-to hike when we have family or friends that we want to take on an outdoor adventure!

Overview: This is a family friendly hike in Utah that ends in a 200 ft waterfall. And just so you know…this trail is extremely popular, so you’ll want to get there early to find decent parking. UNLESS you go midweek. Zach and I hiked this on a Thursday evening late June (around 5;45pm) and there was a good amount of parking available. I’d really love to hike this during a full moon sometime. 

The majority of the trail winds through a forest of Aspens, but the very end is a relatively steep descent. You’ll want to bring lots of water on this hike now that the weather is heating up.

At the end of the trail, you can take a break and cool off in the mist from the waterfall as you enjoy some beautiful canyon views. When we went, we climbed up closer to the falls, but I wouldn’t recommend that for kids. In fact, while we were there a man was being rescued by the Utah County Search and Rescue team because he got stuck on a ledge he couldn’t get back down from.

A slightly lesser known trail to Stewart Falls can be reached by taking the Sundance lift trail, instead of the Uinta trail. Both ways you will have to pay a fee, but the Uinta fee is a bit cheaper than the Sundance lift fee.


  • Stewart Falls is probably one of the most reliable year-round waterfalls in Utah. Other waterfalls tend to pitter out or disappear late summer, but not so for Stewart Falls. This hike is good any season.

Trail Details:

Length: 3.5 miles round trip

Difficulty: Easy  

Dog-Friendly: Yes.

Location: Go up Provo Canyon and turn left onto the Alpine Scenic Byway road (towards Sundance Ski Resort). Follow the road all the way up, until you reach the Uinta National Forest fee station (day passes are about $6). (You can also access a trail from Sundance Ski Resort, but you will have to pay a lift fee.) 

Coordinates: (N) 40.404435, (W) -111.605115

Feel free to leave a comment and ask questions! We would love to hear how your hike went or hear about hikes you like in Utah! Oh and feel free to pin this to your summer bucket list!

One of the best hikes in Utah! Stewart Falls should be on everyone's bucket list this summer!


  1. Ashley says

    Just did this hike with my kiddos (4&7). They rallied, but my pedometer said it was actually 5.17 miles round trip. Just a heads up for anyone doing it with kids…We had a blast, but probably would have done a shorter one had I known ahead of time.

    • wADMIN says

      Hmmm not sure why there was a difference. I cross checked data from other hiking pages and didn’t see anyone list it as 5 miles. Maybe it was the pedometer? We usually measure our hikes using a hiking GPS as we go along or we use Google Earth. However, I think all hikes feel twice as long with my toddler! lol


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