The Mini Moab You Never Knew Existed

red ledges picnic site utah
red ledges picnic site utah
red ledges picnic site utah

Red Ledges is the mini Moab you never knew existed. Don’t have time to get down to Southern Utah? You can still experience the red rock beauty of Southern Utah, but four hours closer!

Overview: This place is like a small piece of Moab dropped in the Diamond Fork canyon. It is officially called the ‘Red Ledges Picnic Area,’ and they have multiple picnic tables, so make sure to pack a lunch! I thought this would be a really cool place for a group BBQ too.

There are a lot of trails to explore. It even has it’s own arch! (There is a trail just behind the arch where you can climb up and look down through it.)

This place also looked like it had some bolts set up for rappelling, which I added to my bucket list!


  • The trails here are kinda steep and sandy in places. Make sure you are wearing something other than flip flops or flats! As you can see in the photo above…I got a little excited about exploring and forgot to switch into my tennis shoes. In my defense: we were also trying to squeeze this little adventure in between conference sessions on Saturday! I was in a hurry! (Two hours was too short to explore all the trails this place had to offer!)

Trail Details:

Length: (Variable, depending on which path is taken). A relatively enclosed area.

Difficulty: Easy (some scrambling sometimes necessary depending on trail, as noted above).

Dog-Friendly: Yes.

Location: This area is located up Diamond Fork Canyon southeast of Spanish Fork. To get there, take I-15 Exit 257B onto US 6 – East. Follow US 6 – East for 10.8 miles. At this point, you will see the turnoff for the ‘Diamond Fork CG’ road on your left. Follow the road for 6.9 miles to your destination, on your left.

Coordinates: (N) 40.07983, (W) -111.40338

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