Why Timp Falls is a good alternative to Stewart Falls

We didn’t even know this waterfall existed until last fall! I’m glad we did discover it though, because as beautiful as Stewart Falls is…it can get really crowded.

Overview: Timp Falls may not have the hight of Stewart Falls, but they have beautiful cascades and the hike itself has some great canyon views.

And in case you need a little more convincing, this hike is also half the length of the Stewart trail! So if you have a date who is new to hiking our young kids that get tired easily…you should give Timp Falls hike a try.

However, the trailhead is a little confusing. You have one sign that says “Falls” and another that says “Timp” pointing opposite directions. The “Falls” sign is talking about Stewart Falls. You will take the sign on the right that says “Timp” because the Timp Falls are one mile into the Timp Summit hike.

The hike only took us an hour tops, but be ready for a narrow path that steadily climbs uphill the whole way. Overall, I loved this hike! It had the beautiful mountain views, occasional shade, and a waterfall at the end. Plus it was not nearly as crowded as Stewart Falls (though I still love Stewart Falls).


  • If you want to hike without snow, then wait until mid June.

Trail Details:

Length: 2 miles round trip

Difficulty: Easy (follows a steady incline)

Dog-Friendly: Yes.

Location: Go up Provo Canyon and take a left on State Road 92 (leading to Sundance Ski Resort). Keep following the road up the mountain until you get to the Uinta National Forest station (you will have to pay a small day fee around $6). There is a parking lot located past the station (this is also where the Stewart Falls trailhead is located). The Timp Falls trailhead is right next to Stewart Falls, but going up the Timp Summit trail instead. 

GPS Coordinates: (N) 40.403846, (W) -111.622815

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  1. says

    Loved the hike yesterday in the rain to Timp Falls. Gorgeous greenery, scenery, flowers, and falls. Will definitely be doing this one again. Kids will love it, too.


  1. […] 3. Timp Falls: Timp Falls is located near Provo, Utah. The trailhead begins next to the extremely popular Stewart Falls trailhead, so it is often overlooked. However, this trail is 1.5 miles shorter than Stewart Falls! This hike also has a beautiful cascading waterfall and amazing canyon views. It does have a bit of old crumbled pavement on a portion of the trail, but I chose to add it to the list since it is not being up-kept. For more info on this trail, click here. […]

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