The Secret Treasure of Utah Zion National Park


Overview: To reach the Canyon Overlook trail, you need to hop in your car (since the shuttle doesn’t go that way).

The drive is lovely and you get to go through a mile long tunnel! The parking for the trail is located right at the end of the first tunnel. Seriously. RIGHT at the end so be ready for it!

The trail itself is only one mile, but don’t let that fool you. This has to be one of my favorite hikes of all time!

Zach’s favorite part was the desert bighorn sheep parkouring it on the side of the opposite cliff. Oh, and just so you can feel as cool as the sheep, you are also on a cliff edge. (Kids should definitely be supervised at all times on this hike!)

We reached the end of the trail just in time for sunset. From the viewpoint you can see The Grove of the Patriarchs in the distance.

The whole trail took us about an hour (it is a bit steep at the beginning and you’ll want to spend time just soaking in the view at the end).

Did I mention the wildlife at Zion? I have never seen so many animals up close except at a zoo. It was common for baby deer to wander the campground as well as lizards and wild turkeys. During our trip we also saw a canyon hawk, lizards, a tarantula and lots of bats once the sun started to set.

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  • We finished off our day at Zion by camping at the Watchman Campground (it has flushing toilettes which is a big deal for me). This campground is by reservation and costs about $20 a night. They start reserving in April and you’ll want to reserve as soon as possible!

Trail Details:

Length: 1 mile round trip

Difficulty: Easy (warning steep drop-offs)

Location: Utah Zion National Park. Park in the small parking lot right at the end of the Zion Mount-Carmel Tunnel on Route 9. The trailhead is across the road.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions. We would love to hear how your hike went or hear suggestions of hikes we may not have heard of before! 

Note: If you have any questions regarding Zion National Park’s regulations on dogs, please visit .