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A more up to date photo. Zach, Maria and Riley on the left. My sister and her son on the right.
Zach, Maria and Riley on the left. A random set of tourist on the right…. (Jk – that’s my sister)

About Zach, Maria and Riley:

We live in Utah and if you can’t tell…we like to be outside! Other than hiking, we also enjoy longboarding, reading, quoting movies, thunderstorms, skiing…etc. Zach works as a programmer and I graduated in Public Relations.

Riley is a toddler so she hasn’t graduated in anything, but we hope to send her to Hogwarts or Starfleet Academy someday. Both have great programs.

Zach is a Utah native and I am originally from Kansas. This means Zach knows his way around the mountains and I can’t ski. Just kidding – learning to ski was a condition of our marriage contract.

After a year of dating and extensive ski lessons, we were married in the Salt Lake City Temple. 

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Why Wanderookie?

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” Albert Einstein 

We started Wanderookie because wanted to keep track of our favorite hikes and trips for our family and friends. But put a PR gal and a programmer on the job and you get Wanderookie.com.

Also, being outside and enjoying God’s creations as a family helps us unplug and unwind from all our stress. We want to enable others to do the same.

Disclaimer: Obviously, we are not professional guides (we are just an outdoorsy fam living in Utah). Please be careful on the trails and take the time to understand the risks associated. 

We realize that some folks are not be pleased that we are sharing these cool places. It is unfortunate that vandalism has created a culture of secrecy and exclusivity. The outdoors (especially public lands) should be enjoyed by everyone. We believe the solution to vandalism is to create a “leave no trace” mentality among our readers (rather than keep the trails secret). Basically, a few bad people shouldn’t prevent a lot of good ones from enjoying the beauty of Utah. Hopefully, having more responsible eyes on the trail will help prevent vandalism and littering (fyi, one of the most trashed trails I have been on was not well known).

It’s ok if you disagree, but your negative comments concerning this matter will not be approved. As they say, “There’s room for everyone in this world, so everyone make some room.” 

Happy Trails!

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